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ScribeVision Presents the Evening BUB

ScribeVision controls the display of the Battle Update Briefing

ScribeVision proved itself to be a very flexible web product during operations in Bosnia for SFOR 7.

In addition to the situational awareness version of ScribeVision known as BubScribe and the TacLan G3 Ops Web Site, there was also the Presentation Manager component.  This component was created specifically to handle the briefing requirements of the BUB - Battle Update Briefing.

The BUB briefing for SFOR 7 took place at 1830 hours every Monday through Friday.  The purpose was to allow the various commanders and key staff comprising MND-N (Multinational Division North) to brief MG Robert L. Halverson, MND-N Commanding General, and his command staff.

The image above depicts a fairly typical BUB outing for ScribeVision.  MG Halverson and the command group are seated at the briefing table facing into the gallery area of the DOC (Division Operations Center).

Directly in front of the CG is a 32 inch TV monitor used to display the PowerPoint presentation used for the briefing.  Behind the CG is the large Clarity display system - nicknamed Bubbatron.

ScribeVision's Presentation Manager was used to pull the PowerPoint presentation and other multimedia elements together on the large screen (actually comprised of nine separate screens linked together).

The top four screen modules contained the PowerPoint briefing: the top right module contained a prominent digital clock; top middle contained an animated Task Force Eagle logo; the bottom right contained a TFE slideshow; and the bottom two left modules contained the SFOR VTC Backdrops and menu control.

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